Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kundiman poetry retreat deadline: February 1st

In order to help mentor the next generation of Asian American poets, Kundiman is sponsoring an annual Poetry Retreat in parternship with Fordham University.

During the Retreat, "nationally renowned Asian American poets will conduct workshops with fellows. Readings, writing circles and informal social gatherings will also be scheduled. Through this Retreat, Kundiman hopes to provide a safe and instructive environment that identifies and addresses the unique challenges faced by emerging Asian American poets. This 5-day Retreat will take place from Wednesday to Sunday. Workshops will not exceed eight students."

The Lao American poet Phayvanh Luekhamhan participated in the Kundiman poetry retreat, as has the Hmong American poet Andre Yang. If you're interested in Asian American poetics, it could be of significant interest to you.

The application is free. You'll need to submit 5-7 pages of poems and a brief paragraph about what you'd like to accomplish at the retreat.

Note that the tuition fee is $350 but room and board are free. It takes place in New York City from June 20th-24th. You'll also have to arrange your own transport to New York City and to the college.

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