Friday, November 25, 2016

Lao American poet presenting at LOSCON 2016

Coming up this weekend:

As the new President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Bryan Thao Worra will be discussing Speculative Poetry at 5pm this Saturday at LOSCON in Los Angeles, and will be there throughout the day to meet with poets and readers along all points of the speculative literature continuum!  
He'll be speaking along with noted SFF scholars and writers Jaymee Goh and Nikia Chaney! 
Per the panel description: Speculative poetry is a rising professional field in our infinitely diverse genre! The Science Fiction Poetry Association elected Bryan Thao Worra as its new president; new markets have arisen offering professional rates for cutting-edge poetic forms; new stars are coming out of the poetry field exploring the speculative in what is a very experimental form. Find out more about where you can read such works and where the field might head into next!

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