Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Possible speculative literature markets for Lao American writers

For Lao American writers seeking places to submit science fiction, fantasy, horror and other stories and poems to, consider some of the following magazines. Some pay, some do not. Naturally, of those who do pay, some pay well, and others barely provide enough for a cup of cyber-coffee and bus ride home.

But all of the ones listed below are still currently or will be accepting writing in the future.  Some may be more receptive to stories that have overtly Lao or Southeast Asian American elements to them, but this is the sort of thing one finds out only by applying.

Remember, do your research and read a few issues ahead of time to get a feeling for whether or not your work would be a good fit with them. Don't send science fiction splatterpunk short stories to a journal that only accepts fantasy poetry, for example.

As always, caveat scriptor. Most have been vetted for reliability and good terms regarding their publishing rights and professionalism, but one should do their research on others writers experiences with them when one can. Most of these should provide interesting opportunities and good homes for many of your works.

Good luck!
  1. 365 Tomorrows  
  2. Albedo
  3. Allegory  
  4. Analog  
  5. Andromeda Spaceways  
  6. AntipodeanSF  
  7. Aoife's Kiss  
  8. Apex
  9. Aphelion  
  10. Asimovs  
  11. Aurealis  
  12. Bewildering Stories  
  13. Big Pulp  
  14. Brain Harvest  
  15. Chizine  
  16. Digital Dragon Magazine   /  
  17. Electriic Velocipede  
  18. Emg-Zine  
  19. Everyday Weirdness  
  20. Expanded Horizons
  21. Fabulist  
  22. Fantastic Metropolis  
  23. Fantasy and Science Fiction  
  24. FlashShot  
  25. Future Fire  
  26. Goblin Fruit
  27. Grantville Gazette  
  28. Ideomacer  
  29. Indian Science Fiction & Fantasy  
  30. Innsmouth Free Press
  31. Jupiter Science Fiction  
  32. Kaleidotrope  
  33. Kissed by Venus  
  34. Leading Edge Magazine  
  35. Lightspeed Magazine
  36. Locus Magazine    
  37. Luna Cat  
  38. M-Brand SF  
  39. Morpheus Tales  
  40. Neo-Opsis  
  41. New Bedlam  
  42. On Spec  
  43. Pigasus  
  44. Polu Texni  
  45. Polyphony  
  46. Presto Strange-O  
  47. Quantum Muse  
  48. Raven Electrick  
  49. Raygun Revival  
  50. Reflections Edge / 
  51. Residential Aliens  
  52. Revolution Science Fiction  
  53. Scifi Space  
  54. SF Reviews  
  55. SFrevu  
  56. SF Worlds  
  57. Shimmer  
  58. Silver Thought  
  59. Some Fantastic  
  60. Space and Time  
  61. Space Squid  
  62. Starburst  
  63. Strange Horizons  
  64. Surprising Stories   
  65. Tales of the Unanticipated  
  66. Tangent Online  
  67. Ticonderoga  
  68. Tiny Globule
  69. Titles Goes Here  
  70. TTA  
  71. Vestal Review  
  72. Zone   
If you have additional journals to suggest, please let us know!

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